The Ā«Ma-g-dalenas in MovementĀ» Festival was a response to the impracticality to meet in person due to the effects of the pandemic. Before cancelling the planned festival in Rosario (Argentina), we decided to venture into this new model of online encounters and adapt to the circumstances that we were going through.

From the 10th to the 20th of September 2020 the Festival featured online forum theatre performances, discussions, virtual internal meetings and political aesthetical actions that crossed continents. Many activities are recorded on the Ma(g)dalena Network Youtube channel, as a public archive for interested people.

With a wide participation of all the groups from America, Africa and Europe, as a result, the network was strengthened. The fact to bring together Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed groups that are committed to fight the oppression of sexist violence in its various forms (economic, symbolic, psychological and physical) despite the restrictions of the pandemic provided great support during those moments of uncertainty and using the internet and networks as a tool for meetings facilitated the presence of collectives with more difficulties to travel.

The Ma(g)dalena collectives had the opportunity to get to know each other despite the distance: to know the ones from other parts of the world as well as those from closer. As a long term result, regional commissions were created and the international commission was restructured. Both commissions have been meeting regularly ever since.

Madalena-Berlin participated with the forum play ” The Pink Machine” and with a presentation and discussion about the work done with “No means NO”.

” The Festival is an artistic initiative positioned as an anti-racist action; explicit condemnation of police violence, state terrorism and genocide; and a force countering the advance of both fascism and the hetero-cis-patriarchy”