Theatre is not enough … one must act in real life.

September 2012: The Ma(g)dalena International Encounter was held in Berlin as an aesthetic experience which included the participation of 27 women, from different countries of Latin America, Africa and Europe. After the meeting, we denounced through the Internet the experience of gender violence that eight of our participants suffered in Berlin.

“At dawn on Sunday, September 16th, these women faced sexist and violent attitude of some of the security team members. On the evening of that Sunday, a group of thirty people, men and mostly women went to the space where it happened to express the rejection of this treatment, and to demand a public excuse besides concrete actions. We were denied communication with any of those responsible; the contact with the security team deepened the conflict. “

On September 21st, we received a message from a representative of the board of the space requesting a phone contact. The phone conversation made possible a personal meeting on Sunday, September 23rd, between representatives of the Ma(g)dalena International Network, the board and its security staff.

We required from them the recognition and excuse for the violence and sexism perpetuated by the security staff. We also asked their management team to take concrete actions that would prevent that these types of situations happen again and demonstrate that they will not be tolerated carrying serious consequences. Finally, we proposed the mutual withdrawal of complaints made to the police.

Despite not having the same perception of the events of September 16th, during the meeting, the representatives of the space recognized the violence and sexism, regretted and apologized for what happened and pledged to take appropriate action.

As members of the Ma(g)dalena International Network, and as activists of Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed, we believe in dialogue and cooperation; at the same time, we know that the struggle to overcome patriarchy must be continuous.