Feminist aesthetics for political poetics

Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed

This is an initiative in which practitioners of feminist Theatre of the Oppressed come together to deepen into the methodology, share their knowledge and experience, learning, multiply the method through workshops with young people and create networks of empowerment.

During the first meeting hosted by KURINGA at the festival Aesthetics of Solidarity in September 2021 at the Ufer Studios in Berlin, we produced the forum theatre play “Noises of Silence”, directed by Bárbara Santos, in memory of all the women who were killed by patriarchal violence.

In the process of collective creation we asked ourselves, why do we keep silent, even when we have discovered feminism as a practice of freedom?; how can we get out of the trap of individuality that isolates us?

Thanks to the support of the Erasmus+ programme, we have been able to launch the project with the participation of the associations Pas à Passo – Théâtre de l’Opprimé (France), Spai La Tregua (Spain), Kulturno umetnisko drustvo Transformator (Slovenia), GTO LX – Grupo de Teatro do Oprimido de Lisboa (Portugal), Centar za kazaliste potlacenih POKAZ (Croatia).

The next part of the project will take place in Ljubljana in September 2022.