KURINGA Calendar

22-28 August 2022
KURINGA Qualification

with Bárbara Santos, Christoph Leucht and Till Baumann
in KURINGA, Grüntaler Str. 35, Berlin-Wedding

Online Introductory Seminar:
Monday/Tuesday 15/16 August (afternoons)

26-27 August 2022
Forum Theatre Weekend

@Uferstudios -Studio 14 ( Badstr. 41a 13357 Berlin)

The Forum Theatre Weekend 2022 – The art of re-connection presents a play produced with the means of the Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed and the plays of the KURINGA Berlin forum theatre groups, which rehearse in Wedding and perform throughout Berlin.


26th August:

18hWIR SIND HIER! , a play about respect and equality for Roma & Sinti

20h: Premiere KURINGA Production, inviting to search for collective strategies against oppression

27th August

18h Sabotage Theatre Collective  , Bertolt Brecht as Forum Theatre

20hKURINGA Production, searching collective strategies against oppression