The Rainbow of Desire by a feminist perspective

A workshop with Bárbara Santos

What is the boundary between the personal and the political when our innermost thoughts have been cultivated in a patriarchal, sexist, classist and racist society? How do we unravel the voices that colonize and limit us from within, influencing and/or determining our own narratives?

The Rainbow of Desire is a general title for the set of specific theatrical techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed, systematized by Augusto Boal, which aiming to analyze the process of internalization and crystallization of the mechanisms of oppression. 

Through our feminist aesthetics we strive to show that subjectivity also has a social dimension and that the ways in which we experience emotions are acquired and/or influenced by our social interactions and social context. Bringing attention to the intersectionality of oppression and understanding its complexity is critical for the deconstruction of the aspects that intertwine in structuring and maintaining the problem and to the effectiveness of the search for alternatives. 

In this workshop, we will investigate oppression considering both the subjective layers and the social dynamics involving its social actors – who cause, suffer or feed it –. To do so, our strategy is building aesthetic paths based on the methodology of the TEATRO DE LAS OPRIMIDAS (feminist aesthetics for political poetics) to develop “The Rainbow of Desire” techniques. The work process aims to demonstrate the importance of the subjective aspects for an in-depth understanding of the problem analyzed as well as ensuring the complexity of its theatrical representation.

The workshop is indicated to theatre practitioners, artists, activists, educators, psychologists, therapists, and anyone interested in exploring and addressing the complexities of oppression from a feminist perspective. It is also aimed at those working with communities or individuals affected by oppression, who is searching for creative and expressive approaches in their practice. 


When:   23 – 26 May 2024 (Total: 25h)


Thursday & Friday, 4pm – 9pm 

Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Sunday, course: 11am – 4pm and public presentation 5pm – 7pm

Where: KURINGA (Grüntaler Str. 35, 13359 Berlin)

Who: Adults / Artists / Activists / Social Workers / No gender restriction

Language: English  

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