The Rainbow of Desires

These are theatre techniques which study cases where the oppressors were internalised, whose ideologies continued reverberating in the habits and everyday life truths of those who were hosting them inside.

Understanding the complexity of the oppression and of its social actors – who cause, suffer and feed it – is critical for the deconstruction of the various aspects that intertwine in structuring and maintaining the situation of oppression and to the effectiveness of the search for alternatives.

This workshop aims to investigating oppressions in its subjective aspects. The work process emphasises the imposed attitudes of those who oppress but also the reactions, contradictions and concessions of those who see themselves oppressed in the situation. The analysis of the oppression situations are not limited themselves to the particular relation between an oppressor and an oppressed, being forged in the social contexts, which include and influence the involved social actors. This experience will be developed in a context of activities of the Aesthetics of the Oppressed.