Neighbours + LAB

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of forum theatre with Neighbours, democratic dialogue in times of war. Directed by Bárbara Santos and Till Baumann, this groundbreaking project, merges the realms of theatre and activism to tackle pressing social issues head-on.

After the great success of autumn 2023, “Neighbours” is back on stage with a new proposal divided into two parts:

The Play
24. , 25. , 26. August at 19h at Uferstudios in Berlin, “Neighbours, democratic dialogue in times of war” delves into the intricate complexities of democracy, racism and extremism. Through captivating storytelling and active audience participation, we want to stimulate deeper comprehension of coheasion and empathy and the challenges, a democratic society is facing in our times. 
Entry is open to everyone, coming or not to the lab. 
Prices range from 5 to 10 euros. Tickets can be purchased directly at the venue

The Laboratory
25. and 26. August from 11h to 14h , Studio 14 , Uferstudios: 
We extend an exclusive invitation to an interactive dramaturgical laboratory session on the themes addressed in Neighbours through the Aesthetics of the Oppressed, which stimulates creative and critical artistic production.

How to Participate to the LAB:  Considering our commitment to maintaining artistic independence, we’re introducing a donation-based approach for participation

  1. Secure Your Spot: As spaces are limited, early registration is advised. Guarantee your attendance by completing the registration process with an email to , topic: NEIGHBOURS LAB 
  2. Contribute: In recognition of the fact that we receive no government funds, we invite you to contribute according to your means and the value you find in the experience. Your donation will directly support our artistic endeavors and community engagement initiatives.
  3. Engage and Share: Come prepared to engage, collaborate, and immerse yourself in the themes and creative processes that we explore together.

At KURINGA, we remain dedicated to harnessing the power of theatre to inspire tangible change. Through “Neighbours” and our collective efforts, we strive to create a world free from the shackles of hatred, intolerance, and extremism.

Join us on this remarkable journey of self-reflection, empowerment, and transformation. Together, let us unveil the power of “Neighbours” and work towards building a brighter, more inclusive future.