Democratic dialogue in times of war

pic by @kativagloria

This Forum Theatre piece deals with the challenges, a democratic society is facing in our times. After overcoming individualism, fear and social isolation the characters dare to participate in a choreography of encounters, agreements and disagreements, which offer the discovery of affinities, diversities and differences. Both the pleasure and the difficulty of being in an open civil society lead some of these characters to understand the need to establish spaces for dialogue in order to mediate conflicts. At one moment an orchestrated invasion of propagandas, fake news and manipulations is coming to polarize them and create authoritarian dynamics, which disturb the democratic dialogue.

NEIGHBOURS is a metaphor about the challenges faced by citizens who wonder, how to protect democracy against visible and invisible invasions. The audience will be invited to discuss the topic after the play and improvise their own strategies, how to protect democracy.

Directed by Bárbara Santos and Till Baumann