Forum Theater Weekend – 2023

The event included the participation of Madalena Berlin, Bralin and Kuringa’s own production, “Smile Factory”. As the curtain closes on an inspiring weekend of theatre forum, we like to share in this post some of the collective interventions performed by the audience that invite reflection and action off stage.

The play presented by Madalena Berlin, “No means No” moved the entire audience for the closeness of the topic: the play explores gender-based violence in different social settings and stages of life: from childhood and education, to adulthood and public and recreational space. These were also the areas in which the audience carried out their strategies for change underlying the importance of changing our educational paradigms: in the scenes set in a school, the audience showed the urgent need to transform the binary and sexist educational systems and the related power structure by treating the children in the same way and stimulating and respecting their right to say no . In the scene set in the public space as a party, the audience actively participated, highlighting the importance of collective action and how the end sexual mistreatment is a responsibility of the whole society.

Bralin’s “Jeder Tag Die Gleich Spiel” powerfully illustrated the importance of solidarity in the workplace, as the audience actively intervened to reinforce the idea that together we can raise our voices against injustice. This interactive performance urged us to speak out against labor exploitation, to denounce when we witness injustice, and sparked discussions about workers’ rights and the need for collective action to bring about change.

“Smile factory”, a Kuringa production, with an impressive staging, not only for the number of people on stage, but for the aesthetic force capable of representing the complexity of the current labor structure: a society with a tendency towards individualism, where people, with or without bosses, exploit each other to pay their bills and ensure a stable life or reach certain goals that provide them with security, had also interesting interventions which emphasized the importance of organized resistance against labor exploitation and the use of strike action as a strategy that never goes out of fashion.

The Forum Theater Weekend was a magical event, where, for a moment, we came together for the power of the arts to spark important conversations and promote social change. We are grateful to Madalena Berlin, Bralin and all the talented artists who have graced our stage, as well as to our dedicated audience for their enthusiasm and active participation.

We look forward to future productions and discussions that continue to challenge social norms, inspire positive change and underscore the importance of citizen participation, unity and collective action to create a better world. Thank you for joining us on this journey of reflection, dialogue and transformation.

pics 1, 2 3, 9 Madalena Berlin by @Fred TaOuch

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