Teatro de las Oprimidas: workshop & celebration

Have you ever wondered how theatre can be a powerful tool to challenge gender oppressions? 

We invite you to discover it with us in an  feminist Theatre of the Oppressed workshop!

Madalena-Berlin, the feminist group working on themes related to gender and patriarcal oppressions, invites you to participate in a workshop from October 12th to 15th to get to know the methodology from inside. The workshop, facilitated by Eva Gloria and Bibiana Lopera, is only for women and dissidences. Cis- men are not welcomed.

Additionally, on October 15th, we will celebrate the feminist Theatre of the Oppressed Day with an event open for everyone.

About the Workshop: 

Over four days, we will explore how patriarchy irrumps in our bodies and our minds. We will explore using aesthetical methods in order to create a space  for exchange through the power of theatre. Our workshop will include: 

– dynamic theatre and aesthetics exercises. 

– In-depth discussions on gender oppressions. 

– Interactive activities that will challenge you to think critically. 

– A safe space to share experiences and perspectives 

– the creation of a performance to  celebrate togheter the day of Teatro das Oprimidas 

Date: October

12th and 13th from 5pm to 8pm 

14th and 15th from 11am to 6pm with a public presentation at 7pm  on 15th October

Location: KURINGA, Grüntaler Straße 35 

Cost: solidarity exchange 150euros  

Registration: madalenasberlin@gmail.com, subject : October workshop

IMPORTANT: we dont accept any trans, racist, class, age phobia