Teatro das Oprimidas (Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed)

Feminist aesthetics for political poetics

The third book by Bárbara Santos presents the history of the foundation and expansion of Ma(g)dalena International Network, formed by artists-activists practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The protagonists of this work, as active members of the international movement of Theatre of the Oppressed, from their places of existence and resistance, implemented anti-patriarchal strategies in the praxis of the method. The book also describes how the development of the feminist perspective of the method was converted into a new methodological approach. The book offers a vast arsenal of exercises, games and innovative techniques resulting from theatrical laboratories developed and analyzed with dozens of groups. The author analyzes the problems faced, the political and methodological advances, as well as the issues that continue to challenge both the Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed and the Ma(g)dalena International Network.

The book was released in 2019, in Portuguese.

(It’s in a process of translation into Spanish and English).