Invisible Theatrei

Invisible Theatre is about presenting a scene as a concrete real-life event which cannot be revealed as theatre. In spite of being produced as theatre, it needs to be presented where it can occur as a true event without being identified as theatre. Therefore, the spectators are real participants. In the discussion provoked by the scene, they react and express opinions spontaneously. Invisible Theatre’s objective is to give visibility to what is invisible in everyday life. Disclosing the action as a theatre scene can be risky for the group if the spectators feel deceived.

Invisible Theatre has nothing to do with improvisation. It is a model created in a similar fashion to a forum piece, produced through careful study of the situation and rehearsed as such so that the group can try intervention possibilities. The scene should take into account possible unexpected circumstances. Depending on the circumstances, the group should be accompanied by external allies such as a lawyer, for instance, in case of emergency. The choice of acting strategy and alliance composition has to take into account the local context.

i SANTOS, Bárbara. Theatre of the Oppressed ROOTS & WINGS a theory of praxis. Los Angeles – USA, KURINGA in conjunction with UCLA Art & Global Health Center and UCLA Prison Education Program, 2019