Percursos Estéticos (Aesthetic Paths)

Aesthetic Paths – original approaches on Theatre of the Oppressed – presents the results of investigative processes – carried out between Latin America, Africa and Europe – that have driven the aesthetic development of the Theatre of the Oppressed method.

Theoretical analyses are elucidated through practical examples and are accompanied by a detailed description of exercises, games and original techniques systematized over a decade of research. This set of innovative aesthetic experiences produced new strategies for multiplication, artistic production, political articulation and networking. Bárbara Santos also brings landmark events for the international community of the practitioners of the method to contextualize the environment of this work process.

Through short stories, poems and examples the author offers attractive and accessible writing, with the precious collaboration of her colleagues Cachalote Mattos, Christoph Leucht and Till Baumann.

The book was released in 2018, in Portuguese.

(It’s in a process of translation into Spanish and English).