Jana Sanskriti, Center of Theatre of the Oppressed India in Berlin

Unveiling the Power of Theatre: Jana Sanskriti’s Legacy in Theatre of the Oppressed

Step into the world of Jana Sanskriti (JS), the trailblazing Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) that pioneered this transformative art form in India.

JS’s theatre teams, reaching thousands monthly, present performances that are not just aesthetically refined but also laden with hard-hitting questions about our societal fabric. Rather than prescribing solutions, JS invites spect-actors, transforming passive spectators into engaged participants. Established in 1985, JS has witnessed the evolution of “spect-acting” from a theatrical experience to a powerful force motivating activism beyond the stage.

As JS blurs the lines between acting and activism, their participatory theatre plays a pivotal role in reshaping social norms. Across various regions in India, “spect-acting” has proven to create a resilient community of active and responsible citizens.

Join us in uncovering the profound impact of JS’s participatory theatre, where the stage becomes a catalyst for change, and the audience transforms into a community of empowered, socially responsible individuals.

Lecture ( 5 € entry, no need of previous registrations)

18. January, 7 pm @ Grüner Salon an der Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 2, 10718 Berlin

Theatre as politics’ – a Jana Sanskriti experience

20. – 21. January, 1 – 6 pm @ Grüner Salon an der Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz 2, 10718

Theatre-Workshop: Scripting Play instead of Playing The Script – theatre of the oppressed from India:

The Games and exercise will be improvised as social metaphors. While playing games the stories will emerge for the participants’ lived experience.  That is how the scripting will be done. Character understanding and structuring the play evolved in the workshop might be included

Sanjoy Ganguly

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