A Week of Transformation: Qualification Course

We are delighted to share the end of our week-long Theatre of the Oppressed Qualification Course, which brought together participants from around the world. In this intensive programme, our collective embarked on a thought-provoking journey, culminating in a Theatre Forum production that delved into a pressing issue: the play, entitled “Smile Factory”, asks what to do when the pace of mass production enters into life deciding when it is time to rest, have fun, socialise which leads to exhaustion and burnout.

The performance was monumental, with a diverse cast of 40 people joining forces to create a masterpiece. Throughout the forum, we explored powerful interventions, engaged in lively discussions on self-empowerment and strategies to defend workers’ rights, including the powerful tool of strikes.

What has really impressed us during this trip is the overwhelming and moving interest in this methodology. Participants have come from all over the world, from Kenya to the United States, Palestine to Colombia. Such enthusiasm has even led to a waiting list for future workshops.

This is a tribute not only to the dedication of each participant, but also a recognition of the lifelong efforts of luminaries such as B√°rbara Santos, who tirelessly carried forward the legacy set in motion by Boal, and the visionary Till Baumann.

We thank you wholeheartedly for being part of our extraordinary journey.

Picture 2 and 5 by Mohammad Ali Deeb DeebDance

Other pics by Kativa Gloria