Invisible Theatre

“Invisible Theatre makes oppression visible” (Augusto Boal) 

Augusto Boal created Invisible Theatre in Argentina during the 1970s, as a response to the impossibility to make visible political theatre due to authoritarianism and state repression. Later, during his European exile, he continued to develop it as an exciting and effective method to generate public discussion of oppression. Invisible Theatre  has become one of the main techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed. 

In Invisible Theatre, a group of actors prepares a scene that will be staged in public space. The scene will be theatre for the actors and reality for the audience. From their perspective, the viewers are real participants of a real situation. They can react spontaneously to the theatrical action, intervene into the scene and participate in the discussion provoked by the theatre group. 

“Invisible Theatre – Workshop | Action | Reflection” with Till Baumann is a workshop format in KURINGA that allows to practically experience and critically reflect Invisible Theatre.