Course II 

The second part of the qualification focuses on the praxis-kuringa of facilitating both the aesthetic process and the creation of the artistic product in the practice of the Theatre of the Oppressed with oppressed groups. The Rainbow of Desire techniques are introduced to explore the subjective aspects in the process of constructing the group’s question and to develop the complexity of the characters in order to avoid the Manichean representation of oppressive relations. Newspaper Theatre will strength the Contextual approach. In Course II, the participants experience all the necessary steps for the development of the praxis-kuringa, from the planning and facilitation of practical processes, to the exercise of themaieutic attitude  in the dialogue with the public during Forum Theatre sessions.

Forum Theatre: framing the question (second part)
Roots and Wings II – Dramaturgy (second part)
Rainbow of Desire: the invasion of the brain
Kuringa – Maieutics Attitude
Roots and Wings III – Praxis Kuringa
Newspaper Theatre – to strengthening the contextual approach

Available for participants from Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K and L