Course I 

The first stage offers theoretical and practical bases for the understanding of the Theatre of the Oppressed method as a whole and the preparation for its praxis: critical analysis and aesthetic representation of the reality. The program consists of exercises, games and techniques that constitute aesthetic strategies that allow the identification and investigation of the area of interest of the working group. The methodology aims to develop the contextual approach of the problems identified in order to framing the question of the group and produce its Forum Theatre play. Course I is based on the Aesthetics of the Oppressed and is structured by the dramaturgy of the Theatre of the Oppressed, using various techniques such as Image Theatre, Forum Theatre and Newspaper Theatre.

Roots and Wings I – basic concepts of the method
Image Theatre and Forum Theatre: framing the question (first part)
IMAGE: Aesthetics of the Oppressed
Sound / Rhythm: Aesthetics of the Oppressed
WORD: Aesthetics of the Oppressed
Roots and Wings II – Dramaturgy (first part)
Newspaper Theatre – to develop the contextual approach

Contents are developed through a collective forum theatre production, which is presented in a public event. The artistic production is converted into the practical application of theoretical concepts studied and into a reference matrix for the multiplication process.

Available to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and develop a practice in Theatre of the Oppressed.