Course I 

This course offers theoretical and practical bases for the understanding of the Theatre of the Oppressed method as a whole and the preparation for its praxis: critical analysis and aesthetic representation of the reality.

The theoretical part includes the main concepts that structure the core of the method which is an essential content for the adequate development of each of its several techniques. During the Corona crisis this part will be offered as online course.

The practical bases are composed by exercises, games and techniques that constitute aesthetic strategies allowing the identification and investigation of the areas of interest of the group. The methodology aims at investigating the contextual dimensions of the problems identified in order to frame the question of the group and produce its Forum Theatre play.

Course I is based on the Aesthetics of the Oppressed and is structured by the dramaturgy of the Theatre of the Oppressed, using various techniques such as Image Theatre, Forum Theatre and Newspaper Theatre.

Course I is open for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and develop a practice in Theatre of the Oppressed. We recommend participating in both online course and practical experience / play production as part of the same process.

Online Course (4-7 August 2021)

Roots and Wings I – basic concepts of the method:

1- The Tree of Theatre of the Oppressed (an overview of the method)

2- Oppression (as a fundamental concept of the method)

3- Social Context / ASCESE / Metaphor (the contextual approach for theatre production)

4- Aesthetic of the Oppressed (the path of artistic process and production)

The online course is developed during 4 days with 8 sessions, with an online preparation meeting of 60′ for the introduction of participants and facilitators and the explanation of the work process. The working sessions will be happening during 4 consecutive days, the preparation meeting one week before.

Each of the 4 topics will be developed in one Online Meeting with two sessions of 90’ each – the first one for discussion, the second one for practical online exercises – with a break of 30’ in between. The discussion is based on the material previously available to the participants and on their questions. A set of articles, films and videos related with each of the course contents will be offered in advance for the participants. The practical online exercises aim at facilitating the individual understanding of the discussed theory and will stimulate an aesthetic reflection of content.

Practical experience / play production (28 August – 3 September 2021)

During the 7-day-practical course in KURINGA Berlin, the contents are developed through a collective Forum Theatre production, which is presented in a public event. In the artistic production process, the theoretical concepts studied in the online course will be practically applied. This will also be a reference matrix for the multiplication process.

Practical experience / play production

5-Image Theatre and Forum Theatre: framing the question (first part)

6- IMAGE: Aesthetics of the Oppressed

7- Sound / Rhythm: Aesthetics of the Oppressed

8- WORD: Aesthetics of the Oppressed

9- Roots and Wings II – Dramaturgy (first part)

10- Newspaper Theatre – to develop the contextual approach