Noises of Silence – 2021

Video by @Nussknacker

“Noises of Silence” talks about the patriarchal traps in which feminist finds themselves. The play begins with a race in which the obstacles to overcome are different according to the gender given by society and, the same race, later filters into feminist activism, in collective practices, in everyday life… why the protagonist hides their own troubles? How to deal collectively with own vulnerability and care about failures and mistakes without self-punishment? Is it possible to decipher the silence of our own companions?

With a spectacular staging with more than 20 actioners of feminist Theatre of the Oppressed Ma(g)dalena on stage, the play offers the opportunity to change the situation presented by the group collectively. This new way of forum replaces the classic heroism of a single person with actions that transcend individualism, encouraging the audience to come together to seek alternatives for change.

The project called Feminist aesthetics for political poetics is funded by Erasmus+, and takes place in three different stages: Berlin, hosted by KURINGA during the Aesthetics of Solidarity Forum Theatre Festival September 2021; Barcelona, hosted by uTOpia Barcelona during the DMTO fest in March 2022; and in September 2022 in Ljubljana hosted by Kulturno umetnisko drustvo Transformator (Slovenia).