Director, author, actress, performer and Kuringa, Bárbara Santos is artistic director of KURINGA and Madalena-Berlin theatre group. She is one of the creators and an active disseminator of the Feminist Theatre of Oppressed. Founder of the Ma(g)dalena International Network composed by feminist theatre groups from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She is member of ITI Germany, editor of METAXIS magazine and author of Roots & Wings of Theatre of the Oppressed (Portuguese, 2016; Spanish 2017; Italian, 2018 and English, 2019), Aesthetic Paths, original approaches on Theatre of the Oppressed (Portuguese, 2018) and Teatro das Oprimidas (Portuguese, 2019),  translated into Spanish in 2020, and finally into English in 2023 as “TEATRO DE LAS Oprimidas: feminist aesthetics for political poetics”.

Photo: Noelia Albuquerque

Christoph Leucht has been working with Theatre of the Oppressed since 1993 and setting up forum theatre groups since 2000. Beside his artistic theatre projects, he is working for the Hildegard Lagrenne Foundation of Education, Inclusion and Participation of Roma and Sinti in Germany and other foundations and is part of the pedagogical team of the ROMED program of the Council of Europe. Together with some colleagues he started the masculinities lab in KURINGA to use forum theatre to research and dialogue about patriarchy and sexism from a male perspective.

Photo: Bárbara Santos

Till Baumann got to know Theatre of the Oppressed at CTO in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 1990s. Since then he has been working with Boal’s theatre methodology in Europe and Latin America, especially in contexts of human rights work and conflict trans-formation. He has been artistic director of numerous prison theatre projects with youth and adults and has edited and translated the latest German version of Boal’s Games for Actors and Non-Actors (2013). Besides being a Kuringa, he is also a musician and a sound artist. Together with Bárbara, he has been investigating the Aesthetics of the Oppressed – Sound and Rhythm. He is member of KURINGA’s masculinities lab.

Photo: Anaïs Héraud