KURINGA Forum Theatre Festival 1 – 6 October 2019
UFER_STUDIOS (Studio 1) Berlin-Wedding
Groups from Germany, France, India, Italy, UK

1st October:
*KURINGA International Cast, a collective creation from Kuringa&co

2nd October :
4PM: Bárbara Santos presenting her last
7PM: Theater der Verrückten, Berlin

3rd October:
4PM: *Madalenas- Bautzen- Miss
Perfekt hier und dort: wie ist die
Alltag und das Miteinander in
einer Vielfaltsgesellschaft?

*Demenageurs Amiens

7 PM :
*Roots&Wings New Deli, What’s my tag?”a question with impossibly possible answers.
*Masculinities Lab Berlin, questions male dominance and how to address to them.

4th October:
4PM: *Krila Bologna, Research on a
tree and a plastic world
*METOCA Guatemala/Video
7PM: *Roots&Wings New Deli, and me?
explores gender stereotyping
*Rehearse the Revolution London,
a piece about climate change

5th October:
4PM : Symposium <Aesthetics of Solidarity>
7PM : Madalena- Berlin , feminist forum theater
9PM : concert!
Till Baumann/sound performance,
Rainhas do Norte

*4PM: KURINGA International Cast