Book Presentation: Teatro de las Oprimidas, feminist aesthetics for political poetics

As part of our qualification course week, Bárbara Santos will be presenting her book, “Teatro de Las Oprimidas: Feminist Aesthetics for a Political Poetics, from the newly published English translation. This special event will serve as the opening for the Forum Theater Weekend, which kicks off the following day and the closure of the Aesthetics Trajectories Workshop.

The book ‘s primary objective is to reframe perceptions of oppression and the associated responsibility to initiate change, all while avoiding the pitfalls of individualizing the issue or assigning blame to the people who contend with it. Alongside a comprehensive breakdown of the repertoire of original exercises, games, and techniques, as well as a series of adaptations rooted in the Theatre of the Oppressed method systematized by Augusto Boal, this book provides practical demonstrations of the method’s applicability. It draws upon the real-world experiences of various theater groups spanning different regions of the world to illustrate its effectiveness and its nuanced adaptation to local social systems.

This is a unique opportunity to discover the creative process of Bárbara Santos as detailed in her book. What challenges did she face exploring the portrayal of oppressions intertwined with gender, race, and class from a structural standpoint ? What does “Teatro de las Oprimidas” mean? And, Ma(g)galena International Network?

Where:          Studio 14 – UferStudios ( Badstr. 41, Wedding)

When:            21 August 2024, 7pm (with a public exhibition) 

Language:   Book presentation – English 

The book was originally released in Portuguese in 2019, translated into Spanish in 2020, and finally translated into English in 2023.

To acquire a copy of the book, interested readers can reach out to KURINGA directly for purchase options and further information: