Aesthetic Trajectories

moving and being moved

How do we move creating an image and how are we moved by the created image?

In this two afternoon’s workshop we, Bárbara Santos and Anaïs Héraud, propose a performative experience to produce portraits. A process of painting with a self-reflection using a repertoire of original exercises, games, and theatre techniques, employing feminist aesthetics from an anti-racist, decolonial, and community perspective. In this workshop the act of painting, drawing and building images will be developed from and through the encounter between personal and collective stories. It will result in a collective exhibition that will be shown at the UferStudio and accompagnies by a presentation of Bárbara Santos new book: “Teatro de las Oprimidas – Feminist Aesthetics for Political Poetics”. The workshop is open to everyone and doesn’t require any artistic knowledge or experience. The work will be mainly practically: body work, draw and paint.


Anaïs Héraud is an artist and member of the Ma-g-dalena International Network: 

“A year ago, Bárbara Santos asked me to produce an image to the cover of her book. My idea was incorporate her proposal of feminist aesthetics in a portrait. The painting happened in a performative process expressing the encounter between the writer and her painter. This become an inspiration to this workshop.”

Bárbara Santos is artistic director of the KURINGA theatre space in Berlin and founder of the Ma-g-dalena International Network, made up of theater groups and artist-activists from Latin America, Africa, and Europe. “The process of producing the portrait for the cover of my book became a dynamic artistic experience, which included meetings in Cafés, ateliers and theatre space. This workshop is kind of result of that.

Where:           UferStudios

When:            20 and 21 August 2024

                        Workshop: 20th, 5pm-9pm and 21st, 5pm-7pm 

                        Public exhibition: 21st, 7pm-9pm (with a book presentation.) 

Language:     Workshop – English and/or German (but talking is not the main focus). 

                        Book presentation – English 

Contribution : 50€ + 5 € material

Registration :

Please contact us with any special needs and bring clothes in which you can move and paint.