Solidarity with 6th ELTO: unite to support the Theatre of the Oppressed

Have you ever attended one of our plays, participated in our workshops, witnessed one of our performances, or perhaps heard your friends talk about the inspiration and impact our work with Theatre of the Oppressed has had on them? Behind every scene, there are countless hours of hard work, dedication and a network of people across continents who believe in Theatre of the Oppressed as a powerful tool that stimulates questioning and dialogue, fostering empathy and action to confront and overturn social injustices. 

All of this is made possible by solidarity, a force that unites us and drives our collective efforts.

Now, our colleagues at the Theatre of the Oppressed in Mexico are making a heartfelt call for solidarity: Laboratorio Magdalenas Puebla needs our financial support to organise the Sixth Latin American Meeting of Theatre of Oppressed People (ELTO) , which will take place from 28 October to 6 November in Atlixco, Mexico. 

But why is ELTO so important, you ask?

1. it is a just cause: ELTO focuses on the power of theatre as a means to fight oppression and promote social transformation. Contributing to this cause is a step towards a more just and equal world.

2. Direct impact: Your support will fund housing, food and other necessities for over 300 people, directly benefiting artists, activists, caregivers, disability collectives and many others involved. Every donation makes a difference to their lives and experiences.

3. Inclusion and diversity: ELTO brings together people of different countries, ages, genders and abilities. It is an inclusive space that values cultural and human diversity, and your support strengthens this message of unity.

4. Active participation: ELTO is not a passive event, but an opportunity to actively participate in workshops, theatre performances and creative activities. Your support will help foster creativity and empowerment for all participants.

5. Culture and art: Contributing to ELTO means supporting the value of art and culture as a means to express ideas, emotions and social issues. Together, we can give voice to change through art.

6. International solidarity: ELTO promotes solidarity between countries and cultures, building bridges that unite us as human beings. Supporting this event is a gesture of global unity.

7. Personal engagement: If you feel a personal connection to theatre, activism or anti-oppression, this is an opportunity to support a cause that reflects your deepest values and passions.

8. By supporting ELTO and the Magdalenas Puebla Lab, we contribute to a global art movement, where creativity merges with activism to create lasting impact. 

Your solidarity and contribution will ensure that this transformative work continues, empowering communities and individuals to drive positive change in the face of adversity.

Here is the link where you will find details on how the funds received will be used:

To join, it’s simple: just sign up and, with your card, you can make a contribution. 

 Any amount you can contribute will be received as a great treasure.

Thank you very much for being part of our network and joining this international campaign!

Together we can make a difference through the Theatre of the Oppressed!

P.S. Feel free to share this message in your networks. Your support and word of mouth are invaluable in spreading the word about our cause!