Dialogue in times of war: Neighbours

Autumn season, time for Forumtheatre

We were really glad to present the last production directed by Barbara Santos and Till Bauman in spaces committed with independent art and culture.

After the great success in ACUD-Theater, a storical house for independent theatre scene in Berlin, Neighbours was performance at Grüner Salon and Berlin Global Village

We still processing the strategies developed by the audience and their compromise to seek for collective alternatives to face the reality shared on stage.

Thanks to all and each of you : to the ones who hosted the forum play , ACUD Theater, Roma Trial , Berlin GLobal Village, for trust this format so different to classical theatre.

Thanks to all the fantastic cast, who play once and again a situation of injustice searching for ways to transform it.

Thanks to the audience who opened the dialogue, who tried their strategies, who perform ways to transform the reality, who exchanged with the ones sitting close to them and were thinking with us .Thanks for your voices and your silences.

“Neighbours, democratic dialogue in times of war”