IV Ma-g-dalena Meeting: Feminist Theatre of the Oppressed in Guinea Bissau

The Okinka Pampa collective in Bissau will be hosting the IV Meeting of the international network Ma-g-dalena Theatre of the Oppressed.

From 20 to 30 November 2022 will take place the fourth international meeting of theatre of the oppressed and the first to be held on the African continent.

The feminist theatre of the oppressed has been developing for years in Guinea Bissau, where the collective Okinka Pama is holding workshops all over the country.

Feminist theatre practitioners from all over Guinea will gather with representatives of groups from Brazil (Coletivo Madalena- Anastasias), Mozambique (Madalena Maputo) and Europe (Madalena Berlin, Madeleine Amiens, Magdalenas Granada and Les Coulants- Maddalenes Barcelona).

The international network Ma-gdalena is struggling to facilitate the attendance of latin american companions due the high travel prices and the social and political intestability which breaks the continent.

Each meeting is a way to reinforce the transfeminist and anti-racist political work that RMI carries out through the methodology of feminist theatre of the oppressed. Through internal work in the form of seminars, as well as public presentations of performances and forum theatre, the meeting is an opportunity for learning, exchange, listening and mutual empowerment, which the participants commit to continue sharing and multiplying once they return to their localities to continue the political and social intervention for an equitable world.

In organising this large gathering, many obstacles had to be overcome, such as high travel costs and visa requirements for women from the global south.
Thanks to the support of the Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed in Bissau, KURINGA, Pass a Passo, the Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil, individual donations as well as collectives such as L14, a hausprojekt that was unjustly evicted in 2011 in Berlin, the RMI makes this first meeting possible after the social distancing caused by the pandemic.

All support to the work done by Red Ma-g-dalena Internacional with so much commitment for more than a decade is welcome. You can collaborate in this PayPal account: