International Webbing Theatre Festival – online

In times when COVID-19 changed the very foundations of the functioning of theatre activism, international collaboration and nearly all other activities, we need to clearly address this issue. It is impossible to simply digitalize and transfer online thousands of years of collaborative work performed physically, in person, in a community.

The Webbing Theatre Festival creates space for in-depth reflection, experiment and a virtually laboratory approach to exchange opinions, approaches and experience from which it will be possible to develop new approaches, techniques and methodologies adapted to the theatre medium working online.

In the scope of three days the online Theatre of the Oppressed festival will present three productions and workshops dealing with how to think, use and transfer its method onto the world wide web and apply it in youth work.

What ? “Noises of the Silence” (Online performance and workshop)
When ? 19.01.2022, 18.00-21.00 (Berlin time)
Where ? Online Regristation:
Moderation: Eva & Sofia from Madalena Berlin

​“Noises of the Silence”​ ​A group of feminists finds themselves
captured by patriarchal traps when​ ​discover their inability to decipher the
meaning of the silence of their own​ ​companions and hear the danger noises
behind it. How to deal collectively with​ ​own vulnerability and care about failures
and mistakes without self-punishment?

Artistic Direction: Bárbara Santos

Photo: Muhammed Lamin Jadama

Erasmus project “Feminist​ ​Aesthetics for Political Poetics” with​ ​artists from Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Germany.